Value Proposition

Competitive Advantage of MOGO Center

Human Resources

Malaysians are well known to be multilingual. They possess English, Malay, and Mandarin language capabilities, which are beneficial for corporates to serve the Chinese-speaking, English-speaking, and Malay-speaking markets in many countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, etc. Recruiting the workforce at the local level saves high costs.


Sabah is politically stable, blessed with beautiful landscapes, and warm all year round with relatively low living costs. Hence, the operational cost is comparatively lower than in other places.

Strategic Location

The offshore base – Sabah, is located in Asia, offering a conducive environment for business operation. The management and operation of the entire Asian market in Sabah enjoy a geographical advantage in business negotiation, recruitment, or business travel as the time and costs are relatively lower.


Price is one of the most critical considerations in determining a business place. MOGO Center hears you and has prepared a list of standard fees and charges. MOGO Center has planned an effective management mechanism, particularly in selecting our partners and formulating a transparent and open charging standards to ensure that no additional fees are incurred. More importantly, the price is more competitive than other countries that allow offshore gaming services.


We ensure that we only partner with reputable and well-managed service providers operating legally to offer high-quality services and adhere to the laws of Malaysia. Our efforts in quality control will help service providers to receive recognition from clients, which will contribute significantly to their corporate image.