Introduction to the Management Principles of MOGO

MOGO Centre, as an offshore gaming recruitment, authorisation and management unit, takes effective management measures for companies and their subordinate work teams and employees according to the following management guidelines. Other than to prevent the violation of the laws, we wish to obtain the consensus of members and find like-minded partners to join us and shape the brand image of MOGO Center. We aim to make Sabah the first choice for providing bases for offshore gaming services. Therefore, we will manage through the following principles:


MOGO Center and the recruited operators and subordinate work teams must not violate the laws and regulations of Malaysia. In the event of a violation, they will be disqualified from operating. In addition, recruited operators and their work teams are prohibited from:

  • Operating in the local market
  • Allowing Malaysians to access the game
  • Hiring employees under the age of 21
  • Violating the Anti-Money Laundering Laws


  • Service Providers must meet the following qualifications:
    • Apply to SSM to register a local company
    • Company’s minimum capital requirement of RM 1 million
  • Integrity inspection mechanism to ensure that service providers are operating legally
    • Submit an Expression of Interest and Self-Recommendation Letter
    • Provide current operating brands and websites
    • Only those who pass the evaluation will be eligible to apply
  • Operational qualification evaluation to prevent illegal and non-related personnel from entering the operating offices
    • Service Provider Authorization Certificate
    • Work Team Accreditation Certificate
    • Work Permits


MOGO Center sets up a professional management unit and manages the operators and their subordinate work teams according to the provisions of the Malaysian Offshore Gaming Regulation Handbook. We cooperate with government law enforcement agencies and carry out joint inspections to prevent violations.

  • Pre-operation inspection to ensure that everything is in compliance with the laws before opening
  • Routine inspections and regular inspections to prevent violations
  • Work hand in hand with the government and public authorities to strengthen management and control by conducting joint inspections


  • According to the provisions of Malaysian laws, violators will be handed over to the public authorities for law enforcement
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Malaysian Offshore Gaming Regulation Handbook, fines will be imposed on offenders
  • Deduction of points due to violation will be recorded to act as a reference during licence renewal
  • The licence will be revoked in the event of a serious violation